Another update on the progress so far…

Mark is now a whopping 29lbs down from his beginning weight !

We have switched the diet up allowing for a more varied selection and also incorporating more carbohydrates. Since the diet was very low carb before we now have taken it up to a moderate level and the weight is beginning to fall off easily again.

With this new diet also comes a lot more energy throughout the day, this allows Mark to complete his late night workout strong to the finish (As it is usually around midnight that he is training). He has commented on a good strength increase also and is now able to do 60 pushups in a row which is phenomenal !

There is a very noticeable reduction around his mid section and along with a load of new muscle also a great feeling of fitness. With goals of doing a 5k then 10k run in the future, this adds fuel to the fire when on the treadmill going through a cardio workout. Another plus is that Marks clothes are now becoming too big for him. He is downgrading to smaller T-shirt and jacket sizes which is a clear sign of progression ! And although it may mean a new wardrobe, the trade off for a new body is a damn good deal.

At the beginning of this new diet Mark was experiencing some slight stomach cramps and felt bloated and full. This is due to the switch of foods, slight retention of water from the extra carbohydrates and the body basically getting used to consuming a larger quantity of food throughout the day. These effects passed pretty quickly and in turn his metabolism was given a kick start, his leptin levels are back to a good stage. His body is once again a fat burning machine. Also, the body will be utilizing the food better as it is a shock to the system and will be forced to work that bit harder to breakdown the nutrients as it has not been used to them for the past 12 weeks.

All in all we are moving forward one step at a time !

Your health is your wealth,

Andrew McGee,

Zero 2 Hero

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