SGF Juniors

Providing a fun and affordable health and fitness environment for kids!

It’s not always easy for parents to get some time to themselves, nor is it always easy to get your children engaging in fitness activities or getting them thinking about good foods instead of sweets!

That’s where we come in…

Smokin Guns Fitness Leon12 SGF Juniors

SGF Juniors provide all aspects of exercise,fitness and nutrition for children.

SGF Juniors provides fun based fitness classes for your kids that will help them become fitter, healthier and provide interaction with other children. We cover all basis of team building, working with others and provide fun fitness games incorporating numeracy and literacy. SGF Juniors also covers the practices of healthy eating along with instilling a mindset into children of better choice foods and healthier snacks and options.

Our fully disclosure checked staff have a wealth of knowledge in working with children, physiology and anatomy and exercise and nutrition for kids.

Pricing Structure

Per Class

Class Hours – 1

Price – £6


Class Hours – 8

Price – £20

Price per hour – £2.50

(Please note Membership option is monthly direct debit)

How does it work?

There are two payment options, Pay As You Go priced at £6 per hour or our Membership Options which offers massive savings of 60% with hourly rates from just £2.50!

Block Booking Advantages .

  1. Massive discounts compared with pay as you go. 
  2. Guaranteed space anytime we are open.
  3. Priority booking for all school holidays.
  4. Only one months notice for cancellation required.

To book a space or find out more call – 01698 262227
Or email –
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