SGF Gym Zero 2 With fat loss continuing to go in our favour, Marks lowest weight now has been 15st 8lbs. 1 stone 8lbs from his starting weight. The diet plan has stayed the same as there has been no reason to change it just now as it is still working. Mark is now making Protein cookies out of his meal consisting of whey, water and peanut butter. This also gives slight variety to the plan.

His workouts are becoming more and more intense with his cardiovascular fitness getting stronger and stronger. He is also gaining strength in the gym noting the increases in his weight workout each week.

There are some weight fluctuations that have been happening from time to time but each time this happens a few days later the body adjusts itself and he is then a lighter weight than before.

With the 2 stone goal not far from achieving it is time to look forward and smash through that also !
Lets go get it !

Andrew McGee

Smokin’ Guns Fitness

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