Well… The common thing you hear thrown around nowadays is –

I’ve lost ‘X’ amount of weight…

Now, while that’s all good and fine that the numbers on the scales are going down, one thing does stand.,

What have you really lost from that “Weight” ? Fat ? Muscle ? A bit of both ? One more than the other ?

Well, if you’ve lost muscle, what was the point of spending all your hard earned time in the gym trying to build it ? Through nutrition, training and resting just to throw it away when you begin to lose weight.

Now, if you’ve lost solely body fat – GREAT !

This is what you are trying to achieve, not the opposite way around.

Whether male or female, you should be trying to drop body fat and not just solely weight itself, we’ve all seen the pictures of 1lb of fat compared to 1lb of muscle.

When you begin to drop obscene amounts of weight over a short period of time, this is how you lose a lot of muscle tissue, feel lethargic, throw your electrolyte levels into an imbalance, begin to deplete vital sources of iron, collagen, and lots more of vitamins and minerals that your body must utilise for general health. Not to mention throwing your body in catabolic state where it begins to cannabolise the muscle tissue, overall using muscle as a fuel source and storing more body fat than you would have done had you eaten a meal.

Yes, ‘weight’ is a quick fix towards dropping numbers on the scales and making yourself feel a bit better by seeing that number go down but not a quick fix towards adverse health affects, the amount of body fat that you actually are carrying or the level of stress you are putting your body under by harnessing more body fat and less muscle tissue.

Quick fixes are similar to those smiling in your face and laughing behind your back. The phonies and fakes getting weeded out over time and the real means continues to stay strong and consistent through it all.

Please, don’t cheat yourself.

Andrew McGee

Smokin’ Guns Fitness

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