The one thing that people speak a lot about is supplements in the form of proteins, Creatine & other various powders. Although what people do miss out on is supplements in pill form that our daily diets either lack in or do not provide enough of for optimum levels.

Calcium –

Calcium is one of the main nutrients that the body requires in order to overcome the problems of high blood pressure, heart attack, premenstrual syndrome and colon cancer. When it comes to calcium, the most commonly known health benefit is healthier bones and skeletal system. Calcium also helps regulate blood pressure and aids muscle contraction, therefore enabling the heart and blood vessels to perform their respective procedures effectively.

Zinc –

Zinc is a mineral within the body that helps with a variety of different functions to human health. It helps improve cognitive function and memory but also helps improve testosterone levels in men making it a natural means of boosting testosterone. Zinc also helps the immune system and shortens the length of common colds. Zinc also helps protect the skin and mucosal membranes.

Then we can move onto more fatty acid supplements that we would struggle to consistently consume on a daily basis unless our diets where stapled, regimented and varied.

Omega 3 –

Regulates the inflammatory process

Improves the bodies immune system

Improves the function of your heart and blood cells

Improves brain function by making the cells membrane more fluid allowing them to communicate better.

Omega 6 –

Stimulates hair & skin growth

Maintains bone health

Regulates metabolism

Maintains a healthy reproductive system

These are only a few pill form supplement to touch on, there are hundreds more that we will cover, but it’s good to have an insight on a supplement that isn’t just powder.

Health & performance go hand in hand…

Andrew McGee

Smokin’ Guns Fitness

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