As the song suggests, it is far better to be happy and not to worry about anything. That is not to say that you shouldn’t bother about anything and just drift through life. That is just to say that what you should do is handle bad situations as well as possible without blowing them out of proportion and worrying too much.

If you begin to worry at all throughout your day all that does it cause stress within you. It causes your body to also produce a hormone called Coritsol which is a effectively a catabolic hormone causing your body to hold onto body fat & eat muscle tissue as a primary fuel source. (Looks like the mind has a lot more of a connection with the body than you think…). This is something that I have been preaching for a long time.

The connection you have mentally with what you are doing and your quest to attain a certain physique, men or women has much more to do with actually getting there than you think. Your mental strength carries your body through the journey.

If you worry or are stressed, this reflects in your workouts, it reflects when you go home from your day job and with the way you treat others, it affects absolutely everything in your life. Overall though & one very important thing, it hinders your development to achieving your desired physical goal.

In training when you are working out you should have a clear mind, allow it to be YOUR TIME. Your place of Zen, the place you go to allow you to get some peace and allow you to get away from the outside world.

Get yourself a great workout and leave happy with a smile.

Worrying has never made anything better, it causes desperation, irrational decisions and overall makes you act on emotions rather than logic, reasoning and most of the time the right way to handle a situation.

Don’t let the negativity of stress hold you back. Take a deep breath and put it all behind you for that small short time that you spend working out.


Have a great workout,


Andrew McGee

Smokin’ Guns Fitness

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