When joining, we offer a full host of beneficial services with our comprehensive package. In your initial membership consultation, you will have a full assessment carried out by a full qualified member of staff. This will incorporate the following –


By finding out your current goals & what you hope to achieve, you will have constructed a fully specified diet plan that will be reviewed and monitored regularly. This diet plan will be closely focused around your current lifestyle to make an easy transition allowing you to stay on track.


Your training regime will be fully structured and specified to allow for your goals to be worked towards through linear progression. You will also be assigned with one of our fully qualified instructors who will take you through each exercise, ensuring you are carrying it out safely, correctly & effectively.

Clinical Checks

Our clinical checks allow you to have scheduled body fat readings & weigh ins taken by a qualified member of staff. This is then tracked on your progression portfolio which enables you to make sure you are definitely going in the right direction towards your desired goals.


From time to time, we bring through guest speakers & hold seminars in venues from everything on exercises, nutrition, lifestyle choices and many more, all of which are fully inclusive with your membership.


As a member you are able to participate in our Challenges we have in the centre and also become part of our team for some of the national challenges that we routinely participate in. This can vary from repetition challenges to weight challenges all the way through to climbing mountains. There really is no limit to the diversity that we offer!

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