There are no determining factors. No restrictions. Only will, ability and heart. The will is actually getting up to do it, giving purpose to yourself, creating a goal, a vision then carrying it out. The ability is your own personal ability, nobody elses, not someone you read about or seen on the tv. But the ability that you have as an individual. Do some of us have disadvantages ? Yes we do. But we all have the ability to work as hard as WE can. Regardless of what misfortune we may have came across in the past. This is something that we are able to tap into mentally and push through barriers created for us. Working to the best of our ability strengthens our will. Our will to want to do something is continually tested in the journey of your best work. Now heart, Heart is something that separates the winners from the losers. You see the winners, not necessarily are they getting in there and blowing the opposition out of the water… initially.

The winners take second place, receive setbacks and criticism. Are told they will never be good enough to achieve their goals and dreams by those around them, even their friends… Even their family ! But the winners listen not to this negative news that is around them. Winners are stubborn, winners have tunnel vision, winners see no ridiculous goal and no mountain too high. The winners are persistent and welcome setbacks. They love second place because they thrive on it. Second place to a winner is like prodding a lion and expecting it not to snap your arm off. Winners get goosebumps, winners get hungry and winners get angry… but they control it.

Harness your emotions and energy to use as motivation and you will have a desire to work for.

This is what winners do. They use controlled rage to fuel their workout.


Learn to harness your energy and use it when it’s needed…


Andrew McGee

Smokin’ Guns Fitness

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