Should you try for a 1 rep max on a movement ?

Well, that all really depends on your goals. Is your goal to build strength ? Great, then go for it.

Is your goal to build muscle ? Then going for a one rep max won’t have very much beneficial usage towards your goals.

Or… Are you just looking to train your ego ?

If it is the latter option… Then definitely refrain.

If you’re looking to gain strength, gauge your current strength and find out how much you can actually lift, then a 1 rep max is great.

Permitting, of course that your form is perfect.

1 rep max doesn’t mean get it from A-B by any means possible, it means control the movement like you would any other time, work the muscle and get the rep.

Is it okay to cheat a little ? Of course, it’s a 1 rep max, you’re focusing on strength.

But remember you’re not training your ligaments and tendons, you’re still looking to train a muscle.

Would it be beneficial if you carried out a 1 rep max every workout ? Absolutely not, counterproductive if anything.

1 rep max lifts create a huge amount of pressure on your central nervous system.

If you were to try them weekly you’d become run down pretty quickly and also your strength may even start to decrease, other lifts would be sacrificed in order to putting all your energy into one.

Even Bi-weekly is pushing it.

To carry out a max lift –

Once every 3-4 weeks is suffice. This allows your body to repair, recover and rebuild allowing for more muscle tissue to be created through hypertrophy and overall coming back stronger when trained in conjunction with others such as the key stabilisers towards the actual lift itself.

It’s great to be strong, but be smart about it too…

Andrew McGee

Smokin’ Guns Fitness


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