When you’re dieting it doesn’t have to be to specifically achieve some form of super low body fat percentage. It can be a variation of goals. Get abs for the summer, look good with your top off. Add size to your arms, reduce it from your waist. Even just to feel a bit better about yourself. Your diets key focus points should all be the same. Consistency, doing things the right way. And overall being smart. The main point though ? Is consistency. It’s all about being consistent, sticking to things and making sure that whatever it is that you’re following, that you do it for a long sustained period of time and allow yourself to give time for results. Results are not instant unfortunately, they are slow but gratified. Think of your diet as more of a marathon than a sprint. You’ll never get caught up in the means of needing something instant and will be far more likely to follow what it is you’re doing by thinking of it as a lifestyle change.

Your diet is temporary, your lifestyle change lasts a lifetime.

Can you follow your diet year round ? That’s never the case. For the average person, you can be eating consistent and clean as long as you want. Think about your goals first. If you have a specific weight to get to or a specific look to achieve then, is eating that last bar of chocolate going to change that ? If it is, then don’t eat it. If it’s not, then go right ahead and eat it. You are your own controller and your own dictator when it comes to what you do in your own comfort. No personal trainer, diet coach, guru or mastermind can stop you from walking to the fridge from your living room and begin consuming 2 litres of ice cream. That will power lies within you. If you know that you have a goal to achieve and eating that ice cream will have detrimental effects on that goal yet you choose to eat it anyway ?

Then you don’t want to achieve your goal bad enough.

Eat how you want to look

Andrew McGee

Smokin’ Guns Fitness