At this stage of my life I can say I’ve never been more happier or content with the way everything is.

The things I’ve learned over the last while when it comes to life and certain principles it may bring are that of something wonderful.

Throughout my whole show prep for the show things have been very hard, harder than I could ever have imagined.
The true sense of maximum output really has been a testament to my drive and desire to be the best I can possible be.

I feel as though in life you find true happiness in doing what you love.

Do what you love and love what you do.
With taking control of my life in my own hands and really giving it my all I feel as though anything truly is possible.

The support I get from my friends, family, loved ones and even random people being nice in life and just generally contributing towards happiness and progression is something that I think this life is all about.

Once you find your true calling in life. GO FOR IT.

Really do all you can to be the best at it and give forth the effort it really does deserve. Because at the end of the day… This is why you’re here.

To be happy.

In all I ever do or all I ever say on here, I do so in the hope of being able to spark just one persons mind and help change one persons life in a positive way.

Life is good, Anything is possible and the world truly is your oyster !!!

Andrew McGee


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