Hello all,

Life has been hectic recently (hence not much blog activity) but the progression has not stopped and the goal is still firmly planted in the mind…

Marks lightest weight so far has been 15stone 4lbs. He has decided not to rely on the scales weekly but to rely on the tape measure instead for a while, which I think is a good idea. As well as losing body fat he is also gaining muscle. This usually is very hard to do but he has an advantage from what we like to call “Newbie Gains”. This is when someone is new to weight training and can gain muscle easier than someone who is a veteran. So Marks weight has been fluctuating but his waist size is going down, now sitting at 41″ and his body visually has changed a lot.

He has reported –

Capping of the deltoid muscle.
Biceps more shaped and larger.
Triceps muscle coming through.
Much smaller waist.
Chest especially upper more muscular and looking a lot better.
As well as facial fat reduction.

These are some great signs and this will continue to improve. The plan is to check weight about once a month and check measurements weekly. As well as taking progress pictures along the way.

The diet will be changing come Tuesday the 18th. This will be 12 weeks Mark has been dieting for and has done great to stick with it and also stay sane during that time.

He has realised that this is not just a goal to reach but also a life long commitment and a lifestyle change to be carried out and maintained.

Stay motivated,

Andrew McGee,
Zero 2 Hero.

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