Fitness is more than just one aspect. Fitness is an overall take off of cardiovascular fitness, strength/endurance and flexibility. Yes, it’s good to be strong but why not have good cardio health too ?… And at least be able to touch your toes.


Overall fitness is something we should all strive for. It’s a means of getting in top physical condition and cover these 3 aspects –


Cardiovascular/Aerobic exercise – Cardiovascular or aerobic exercise is the means of exercise that focuses the demand of exercise on heart and respiratory health. This is more commonly done through walking, running, bike work and so on. It requires good will power and stamina to be persistent and done correctly can be very beneficial towards health. It allows you for greater heart health, greater recovery time and can also greatly reduce blood pressure, stress and more. Cardiovascular work is also a great way of keeping levels of body fat down allowing you to live a healthy life.

Strength building exercise – Strength building exercises are done through resistance training either with weighted exercises or body weight exercises. Having good strength helps lessen the chance of degenerative diseases towards bones and also helps reduce the chance of having higher body fat levels. Being functionally strong can also be beneficial in the day to day living of people with jobs that require manual labour and other demanding tasks that they may be faced with.

Flexibility exercise – Flexibility exercises help work your body through a full range of motion, give you a better sense of how your body works without the hindrance of being stiff and sore. It is done through a lot of bodyweight stretches and a more commonly known means of flexibility exercises is the practice of yoga. It allows you to become more supple, more agile and overall a healthier person. Having good flexibility also helps lessen the chance of injury.


Once you have mastered all three, then begin to progress at all three. Push yourself to the limits each time getting more and more from your workout.


Diversify your training,


Andrew McGee

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