One of the things that a lot of people seem to want to find out is if they are lifting heavy enough. The first thing is, heavy is all relative. What may seem heavy to you may not seem to me and so on. The word heavy is only dependent on what you feel is heavy for a specific muscle group or exercise.

100kg may not be heavy to one person, yet it may feel like the end of the world to the next. The main thing is making sure that your form is correct or that you have that mind muscle connection within the exercise. Moving a weight from A to B is easy but really thinking about what you are doing requires more focus. Think about the exercise you are doing, focus on contracting the muscles and allow yourself to really work the muscle as opposed to just moving the weight.

These are methods that allow you to really change your shape, allow for a better ‘feel’ towards what you are doing and overall a better muscular pump. Your mental focus and thinking about what you’re doing in the exercise will give you a better workout. Regardless of how long or quick it may be.

Muscular contraction and repetition control plays a large part of building muscle.

When you carry out the positive part of the exercise you can go to failure, yet you can still carry out the negative and the contraction. Overall the concentric, eccentric and static portion of an exercise is the important part.

Every rep is as important as the last and just as important as the next.

Focus on going to failure rather than the weight of something. If you are hitting your desired rep range for a set and are going to failure come the last rep then that weight is indeed heavy enough for that specific exercise.

If the person beside you is lifting 40s and your only doing 20s… Don’t worry about it. Just make sure that you’re doing those 20s with some good form and focusing on what you’re really doing.

Train hard, Train smart

Andrew McGee

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