The greatest thing about training is that we are truly all equal at the beginning. Now I’m not talking about people with advanced physiques and such, I’m talking about when you just get in the gym and it’s basically You Vs You.

In life it can go a few ways in the outside world.

You’ve progressed through your career through hard work.  (Good)

You’ve inherited your success. (It happens a lot)

You know someone that knows someone that got you up the ladder quicker (It happens a hell of a lot !)

But once you get in the gym you can only use the first principle. Whether it be the weight gym, the boxing gym or whatever your sport may be. You CANNOT get ahead by using the other two tactics like you could in the outside world.

You need to work hard at your craft. Period.

When you are in your day job, people of a higher position may look down on you and treat you like dirt and these people may not even deserve to be in the position they are in. But once you get in to the gym, the people that you look up to and admire deserve to be where they are. Their hard work is visible to you and others. There are no shortcuts.

Your boss could be financially superior to you and seem like a god within your workplace, but if you both go to a training facility together then all of that goes out the window. It then boils down to the hard work and who wants it more.

Outside the gym they may be someone else but when it boils down to it… The iron is unforgiving.

Regardless of who you are 200lbs will always be 200lbs.

And THAT is what I love about training.

Stay humble. You are just a man.




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