One of the most common misconceptions is that to walk into a gym you need to have the physique of a greek god, the strength of 10 men and the cardiovascular fitness of an Olympic athlete.

None of the above is true.

When you begin training in a gym your strength levels are all relevant to yourself and whatever weight you begin lifting is the weight that is correct for you. However long you can run is all relative because that is all that you can do. As long as you are pushing yourself hard, that is all that matters.

Even the strongest most fittest men & women in the world didn’t begin that way. Everyone started from the beginning, progressed, got stronger, built up more endurance and overall became better versions of themselves.

The greatest moments are in the journey towards doing  just that. Pushing yourself daily and reaching new levels you never thought may be possible beforehand.

Once you attain the level that you’d like then you can look back and be proud of the road you have traveled thus far.

Never be demotivated because you can’t do something at a specific moment and time, let it motivate you to push further than you ever have before and try new things.

If you never take the first step then you will always be scared and apprehensive.

The gains you make in both muscle and strength in your first few years of training are the best gains you will ever make clinically. You should place emphasis on this time as a means of seeing  just how much you can progress during that period. Giving yourself a head start almost.

Never are you too weak to begin training, nor too old, too out of shape or too inexperienced.

Those are all reasons why you should begin training and benefiting yourself from the beginning.


Do not let external strength defer internal strength…


Andrew McGee

Smokin’ Guns Fitness

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