The one thing you may seem to notice when there are fantastic sunny days is that everyone is more upbeat, happier and in better spirits.

A couple of reasons for this may be true –

1. People can walk around in more comfort without the excess burden of rain and/or wind.

2. People can relax a lot better.


3. Increase in Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is a direct component of human exposure towards sunlight. Sunlight helps promote vitamin D synthesis within the skin. In certain countries people have very low levels of vitamin D, a deficiency. This is due to there being very little sunlight. In the case of that, supplementation of vitamin D is advised.

The benefits of vitamin D are vast and varied –

    • It is crucial for the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorous, which have various functions, especially the maintenance of healthy bones.
    • It is an immune system regulator.
    • Vitamin D helps arm the immune system against the common cold allowing you to stay healthier for longer in the winter months and avoid catching the cold from those closest to you.
    • Vitamin D has also been seen to combat Multiple Sclerosis.
    • Vitamin D also helps keep the brain healthy, it works as a cognitive supplement and has been shown to be very effective especially within the age range of 40-79 years of age.
    • Vitamin D can help regulate and maintain a healthy body weight.

The negative health effects from a vitamin D deficiency include –

    • Increased risk of death from cardio vascular disease
    • Cognitive impairment in older adults
    • Severe asthma in children
    • Cancer

These are just a few, they continue to worsen with time.

How much Vitamin D should I supplement with you ask ?…

That really does vary person to person due to sunlight exposure, what country you reside in and so on. As a general rule of thumb, not consuming more than 25 micrograms should keep you in good health, excess of this has been shown to cause adverse health effects.

Generally speaking, anywhere between 200iu-600iu would be beneficial towards health (Be aware that these dosages vary towards infants, the elderly and pregnant women).

So while you are enjoying the sun, looking at the smiling faces and generally loving life, keep in mind there’s a little bit of Vitamin D in there also taking effect.

Stay strong… Stay tanned.

Andrew McGee

Smokin’ Guns Fitness

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