As an experienced trainer I feel as though I can give you some knowledge and wisdom needed for when and how to take breaks with training.

Over the past 17 years I have –

  • Boxed competitively as an amatuer
  • Competed in double figure bodybuilding shows achieving second in the country and top 5 in the UK
  • Competed in various distance running events and army style obstacle events
  • Competed in competitive powerlifting

In a nutshell – I have been exposed to a vast amount of different training principles and modalities over the years and know when and how it’s best to take the foot off the gas at times too.

Right now – Every 12 weeks I take a full week of training.

Ideally, I try to get a holiday away somewhere if I can to fully rest my mind and my body.

I carry out distance running, functional training and powerlifting right now and in order to perform maximally in those – I need to make sure that my joints, tendons and ligaments and rested.

Ever seen the guy in his 50’s that’s been training for decades but has had multiple surgeries and has multiple injuries?

Yip – He didn’t take much time off or focus on recovery… at all.

If I could go back to my 13 year old self and give some advice on training it would be –

Train hard, push the boundaries but then allow yourself the recovery required.

Ask yourself this – When was the last time you SCHEDULED in a week off training?

Not missed a week – But scheduled a week, there’s a big difference.

In order for you to get better – You need the rest.

Start scheduling it in and don’t look at it as regressing. It’s essentially a means of taking 2 steps back in order to get 3 steps forward.

Progress, then rest, then progress some more,