Your ability to be resilient is only superseded by you and ability to understand your own true resilience. When it comes to pretty much everything in life you will usually find a better person that succeeds is the person that can be the most resilient. The old Chinese proverb goes fall down 7 times, stand up 8. And that really is pretty much how life works, I think anyway. I personally believe that the more you are battle tested the more you are able to take on manage handle, but not only handle but be able to excel even with all the chips and against you is the true meaning of a man.

I think that when you look a role models when you look at people and idols, you know what that you need to be a solid person in order to become them.

Sometimes maybe your grandfather and maybe your grandmother may be you role models. Maybe you look at them and they inspire you. Usually the reason why they inspire you isn’t because they drive a fancy car or live in a fancy house it’s because of what they have achieved, they have achieved a skill – the art of resilience.

Or they have achieved something that is only accomplished by hard work it’s only accomplished by being knocked down and feeling and getting back up. I am fully aware that the more shit I can deal with the more I can handle the more I can take on a far greater project that I will be successful. When it comes to you personal Journey  – wish not for a job to be easy, wish for the character and the ability to keep moving forward even when the world is against you if you wish for that strength if you wish for that specific type of character then you will be the most successful version of you that you can be.

Things are hard, times are hard but guess what you are even harder these things that happened to you these things that come into your life are there to test you you are either going to succeed or you’re going to fail and ultimately the decision on that one all comes up to you