This blog today is especially important for older men and women. 

But for those younger – please read on. 

Okay – so you’re fit and healthy, you go to the gym and you eat well. 

But what’s happening on the inside? Do you know? 

Probably not. 

That’s because there is very few ways to actually know other than to get checked out. 

Heart health – liver health – kidneys, lungs and other vital organs. 

The only way to really know is to get checked out by your doctor. 

Most people put it off – most people think it’s an inconvenience. But guess what – getting sick and unhealthy is an even bigger inconvenience. 

My bare minimum advice is –

Blood work once per year 

Full health mot carried out once per year 

And for me – I do a full health overhaul check once every 5 years. 

Are you ever going to know fully if you’re okay and if you’re 100% fine inside? 

Definitely not – but if you can minimise the risk by taking the steps above…