It is, for many people very hard to actually gauge if they are getting stronger unless there is some form of tracking that goes on.

There won’t be any form of indicators such as being able to drastically change your day to day activities by having huge amounts of strength in doing things such as ripping t-shirts, moving cars & breaking hand-held headsets. That just isn’t going to happen. You won’t initially ‘feel’ stronger. But when you’re in the gym, you will notice weights begin to seem lighter in sets. Your ‘warm up’ sets will become a lot easier & your working sets will begin to move up time and time again. This is overall strength & power being generated through time. The key statement to remember there is, time.

Time is the key thing. Consistency & time. It takes time to get stronger, it takes time for your joints and tendons to accommodate. It takes time for your muscle to grow stronger, larger & able to accommodate more stress.

When gaining strength, you cannot expect overnight miracles. Take a look at most of the strong men you see, powerlifters & those guys in the gym moving around the big weight. The majority of them are in their late 20’s to mid 30’s and have been training for around 5+ years. They are intermediates towards weight training. And have consistently grew stronger and stronger through time.

You will ‘feel’ stronger when you’ve been training for many years. If you’re a beginner towards weight training, set yourself aside at least a year. Dependant on your genetic potential, you may become very stronger or only moderately strong within that year but you will be far stronger than before you started.

The five rules towards getting stronger –


  1. Set yourself goals.

  2. Move towards them through Linear Progression.

  3. Don’t worry about things, just focus on consistency.

  4. Keep nutrition in check.

  5. Get sufficient rest.


Get Smart, Get Strong,


Andrew McGee

Smokin’ Guns Fitness