Pre-workout supplements are things that are used all too much in the industry nowadays.

Pre-workout supplements may give you the mental focus that you need although with due caution they can cause some harmful side effects. But one thing to think about and remember is – Do I really need this ?

Do I really need this type of supplement to get me through a workout, Do I need this type of extra buzz or high that will carry me throughout the workout or could I really go without it ? Do I really need an additional muscle pump or can I train without a pre-workout and get the same kind of muscular pump.

If this answer is Yes… Then why bother.

Yes, we all want skin splitting pumps and road map vascularity… Or so it says on the magazine, right ?

But we can really attain this without jumping on the ship towards pre-workout supplements.

If you cannot function when you enter the gym and feel as though you are completely drained with no energy then yes, a pre-workout may benefit your needs. Although there are other means.

Or if you want to feel what it’s like to get a better pump than you’ve had before then a pre-workout supplement may work for you. Maybe though, that’s not a guarantee.

If neither of the above overly appeal to you then pre-workout supplements may not be for you, whether it be a “pump” supplement or a “stim” based supplement.


Before thinking about spending money on stimulant based supplement –


Let your motivation, determination and drive fuel you throughout your workouts.


Andrew McGee

Smokin’ Guns Fitness


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