Okay – I admit it! 
I have another love in my life. 

Truth is – I’m a big fan. 
I have to pre-warn you – this isn’t going to be a coffee based blog. 
Truth is – I hate coffee – I’ve tried it once or twice and just can’t get into it. Same goes for tea too. 

But a few years back – the buzz word of preworkouts started to kick around the fitness industry. People taking them and how they helped etc etc. 

I was always on the side of – I don’t need anything to help my workouts, I can train hard enough in my own. 
But then – the first time I took preworkout a couple of things happened.   

– I was way more focussed – I had more energy- I wasn’t failing on exercises as quickly almost as if I had more muscle and strength than I actually had – Overall I had a great workout. 

My whole thing with preworkout is – it’s not something that I want to become dependent on. It’s something that I only take when I need. 
For instance – leg days, Heavy deadlift days etc. I’m taking preworkouts. 
Why – because I want to achieve the above benefits and enhance my workout. 

I’m also a big believer in HEALTH. So based on that – I ensure that I’m not consuming more than 500mg of caffeine in my preworkout (which is the daily maximum for adults referenced from the Mayo clinic) 

I make sure that everything that’s in my preworkout – I know what it does and have looked at studies to show side effect etc. And ultimately I make sure I know I’m good to go with it!