So now, I’m going to speak from some personal experience here. I must have tried every style dieting you can imagine. From Bodybuilding style dieting, to keto based dieting, to fasting, to carb load dieting and pretty much everything in between.

Over time I’ve decided to nail down certain things to simplicity and being easy. A diet that forces you to do things or put up even more barriers is one that is guaranteed to be set up for failure. That – I just cannot do.


This is a principle that has been very easy for me to implement and use as a staple in the past, currently and now onward into the future. Fasting is the act of splitting your day into two different windows –

  • Fasting Window
  • Eating Window

Therefore you’re starting to think a bit more about your food at this stage. You’re thinking of when you’re eating and when you’re not.

I like this model – 16 hour fasting window – 8 hour eating window.

16 HOURS?!?!?! – You might say,.

Here’s how we break it down –

Let’s say you have your last meal at 7:30pm, finished by 8pm.

You go to bed at midnight and sleep for 8 hours. 12 hours have passed.

You wake up at 8am, shower, have your morning coffee and read the paper. Commute into work and get there for 9am. 13 hours have passed.

You are back to back in your workspace in meetings, head in the laptop, on calls etc. Before you kno it – It’s 12:00pm. 16 hours have passed.

Guess what? It’s lunchtime. And your fasting window has ended.

Now – You have from 12pm-8pm to eat again.

And here’s the thing.

You didn’t pass out from hunger. You didn’t faint in the morning. You didn’t starve to death and have a vulture flying over waiting to take you out.

You were just fine.

And over time. Fasting allows you to –

  • Be more focused
  • Provide increase of energy
  • No crash due to carby meals in the morning
  • Have less time to overeat – by reducing your eating window
  • Be used as an aide to losing weight
  • Have less times of having to stop, prepare food etc

And just like that – You’ve adopted a new style of eating.

So why not give it a try – If you’re looking for something to give you more energy, help you feel less bloated, help you lose weight. I’d give this a try.