Sometimes we have to simplify our lives every once in a while to get rid of a lot of the extra stuff we build up over time that we don’t really need. Clearing out your wardrobe, cancelling your Cineworld MegaPass or that Beer 52 subscription your wife made you cancel.

This is also true when it comes to your training. Over time we built up a lot of fluff when it comes to exercise, continually adding in new exercises and techniques we’re convinced will be that magic pill to help us achieve our fitness goals. But in the end, and we all know deep down, that it will be a combination of basic, proven effective exercise choices and hard work that will get us to where we want to be.

Now we’re not usually forced into doing this like we are just now, but we can take this as an opportunity to remove all the fluff training we were doing before and get back to basics.

For example, my daily workout for the next few weeks at least will be the following – 

50 KB swings

50 press-ups

40 KB swings

40 press-ups

30 KB swings

30 press-ups

20 KB swings

20 press-ups

10 KB swings

10 press-ups

Finisher – 1 mile run

Takes 20-30mins every day, works full body and builds your fitness too. Give it a try if you have a kettlebell at home – if you don’t just swap swings out for body weight squats.

Whatever you choose to do, try and work towards a couple of specially selected fitness goals over the coming weeks and months. It could be your first full press-up or pull-up, or completing a 5km run for the first time. Whatever the goals, try and make sure we’re all coming out the other side of this stronger and fitter, as well as working wonders for our mental health too.

Alternatively, complete our daily workout video we will be posting every evening for the perfect full body workout!