My Daily Lockdown Routine!

I sometimes find it handy to read or watch about other people’s daily routines to see if I can pick up any tips to improve my own routine. 

Normally it’s pretty tough to stick to an exact routine in day-to-day life but now that we’re in lockdown I’m finding it much easier to stick to a schedule as each day is pretty much the same.

Note – I realise my routine is much simpler as I don’t have any kids etc. I pretty much look after me/get looked after by Rachael 🙂

My daily routine outline – 

  • 9am-10am – wake-up
  • 10am – coffee + water (cup of black coffee and big glass of water or sparkling water)
  • 11am – foam roll while downing some BCAAs + creatine mixed together
  • Train – either a run or exercises in the house (normally swings and press-ups) – I find it’s best to get my training out of the way earlier in the day as this is when my motivation is at it’s highest and this way I feel amazing for the rest of the day!
  • All afternoon – film and edit workout/foodie videos, write blogs, get back to messages from you guys and generally work with the other SGF staff members on ways to improve our service for you all
  • 2pm – first meal – normally my healthy fry up or breakfast smoothie
  • 5pm – half hour walk with Rachael (she has been working from home all day)
  • 6pm – make dinner for us
  • After dinner – chilling out and watching Netflix, playing PlayStation and checking in with family and friends etc. 
  • Midnight – 2am – bedtime (I’ve pushed my day a little further later, so getting up a couple of hours later than normal and going to bed a couple of hours later – I’ve always been naturally a bit of a night owl so I find this suits me best)
  • There’s some extras missing here like tidying, general housework and shopping etc. But this is the general basic outline of my day past couple of weeks
  • Also this is mostly a week day routine, it will change at the weekends – normally longer walks, more training, more beer etc.
  • I will also have some snacks between meals and after dinner – fruit, yoghurt etc.

So there you have it, super simple daily routine I stick to in order to feel my best and be at my most productive during lockdown.