When it comes to monitoring weight loss we seem to get too fixated on the scales. Too fixated on fluctuation, we see the scale hit up a notch or two and the panic begins to set in.

“How can this be ? I dieted harder, I did more cardio, I FEEL different !”

This is not something that you should worry about… Too much.

The scales are only a slight indicator when it comes to weight loss. The variation and fluctuation can be vast but there are certain factors that may cause this.

Water retention

Hormonal changes

Bowel movements

Intestinal irritation or inflammation

The list goes on…

We all know that it’s nice to see the scales go down – BUT… If they don’t ?

It’s not the end of the world.

You may have dropped body fat percentage – You may have increased muscle mass. You may just be over analysing things and weighing yourself every hour… On the hour. In the hope that the scales may shift in favour towards the number you are looking for.

There are other ways to gauge your progress along your journey of fat loss and health… Not to mention other reasons to be healthy i.e feeling better about yourself and being less susceptible towards ill health.

The scales never are or never have been the ultimate dictator towards the universe…

Don’t let them ruin your life

Andrew McGee

Smokin’ Guns Fitness

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