For me, mastery of self means the ability to not rely on others for certain elements of your life.

Mastery of self is when I head out on my own for a 5 mile run at night or in the morning, eat the correct food daily, keep accountable to my goals and allow myself to achieve them without checking.

Mastery of self is when I am able to sit down and specifically go through all the work I need to do and carry it out without any distractions.

Similar to when I write this blog post just now.

There is now radios put on around me. Distractions, Water running. People talking.

Yet, I have mastered the ability to keep going and not let anything else get in the way until the objective is achieved.

For you – This year in 2021 I suggest you make a start on mastering yourself.

Begin to create much more self discipline within yourself.

Begin your means of dialing down on your habits, your daily routine and your ability to put it all together.

You NEED to truly create an element of self mastery within yourself

Do not let other outside forces, factors or distractions pull you away from what the actual goal is.

Force yourself to get better daily, uncomfortable daily and stronger daily from it.

Once you are able to achieve self mastery – Anything in your life is possible.