Having an opportunity to do something should always be taken. The window of opportunity rarely opens, and when it does, it’s on a hinge. That gives you an insight on how rare opportunity really is. The one thing to remember though is that opportunity does not come out of nowhere. Opportunity is created by your hard work meets a spot of luck. There is preparation that goes into opportunity or luck. When someones tells you, ‘Oh yeah, you are very lucky to have won that or you are lucky to have got there’ Whatever it may be in your chosen sport or field, you will probably know that luck was not one of your strong points. You did not set out on your journey with the intention of ‘I can win this match because I carry a good amount of luck in what I do’. You step on the field or on the stage or in the ring or in the boardroom, with the intention of –


I am here because I am prepared.

I am here because I worked hard.

I am here because I did what I had to do to get there, whatever was necessary.


Sacrifice, preparation, depriving others, uncertainty, blood, sweat, tears. Pushing on when you know there is nothing else possible that you can give, being carried with a will not of your body but of your mind. Reaching a stage where you know you are treading dangerous waters, dangerous territories that you have never been in but you through caution to the wind and go further forward anyway. The perception of failure leaves you and you have a stand off battle with your mind which you will prevail through.

Luck ? Opportunity ? On the grand scheme of your goal you should not let either of these words enter your vocabulary. Your mouth should be forming words like determination, grit, success, winning & an iron clad guarantee with yourself never to give up. Then your ‘luck’ will come.


Opportunity is created, not given.


Andrew McGee

Smokin Guns Fitness

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