Your mood is everything, it’s your mindset overall that determines your workout. How tired you may be is a slight factor but can be overruled by your mindset on that specific day. I have never had a bad workout. Never. Every single workout I have carried out in my adult life has been a good workout.

Why ?

Because it’s calculated and done with purpose. Something new has happened every time I have went in the gym, that’s how I maintain my motivation. Because I know that every time I go to the gym I’m going to do something I have never done before. Now, I don’t mean doing different exercises all the time, I mean heading in there with the mindset and intensity that you are going to carry out something completely new. Completely different to anything you have done before. That is how you progress and make a difference. That is how you stay motivated and allow nothing to ever be the same twice.

The only way you will continually progress through this all is due to the mindset you take into the gym.

What did you do last time ? What did you lift ? How many reps did you do ?

Well do more. Lift more, carry out more reps. You now leave the gym on that day a better version of yourself than you were since you last entered.

If you could constantly wake up a new evolved version of yourself, that’s a wild concept to imagine. You are constantly evolving every time you leave the gym having your body accomplished something it has not done before.

Now that is motivation to carry on…


Andrew McGee

Smokin’ Guns Fitness

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