What is the best way to live your life  ? There must be a way to put forward the most positive energy.

We know objectively what’s causing pollution, birth defects – We are taking in too much chemicals and not enough vitamins.


We know how to organise our health and organise our world, but very few people do it. The right path to being a healthy happy person is doing all the stuff we already know. But most of us just don’t do it, for whatever reason.


Take care of your mind, Take care of your body. meditate whatever it takes for you to feel that sense of a healthy life and knowing how to be happy. Be kind to people. We all know this it’s how to be the most evolved version of yourself.
To assess yourself and see what you need to do is a big hit and hard for most.

There is no magical checklist. But here is the checklist that we all really know deep down –

Step 1. Get on a diet to make you healthy, not to lose weight but healthy food in your body. Vegetables, good quality proteins, a lot of water, stop the unnecessary crap that makes you feel horrible after you eat it. Start working out your body and get a better sense of how this machine works, it’s moving better, there is less tension and you feel the flow a lot better. Your mind feels relaxed and you enjoy every moment of the day a lot better.

Step 2. Be nice to as many people as you can, smile at people and have them smile back at you. Tip well when you go to restaurants. Just do the most you can, be as nice as you can and mange to not let people walk all over you. Get through this life as nice as you can.

Step 3. Do what you wanna do with your life, right ? Do something that you actually enjoy and want to do in your life. Don’t get locked into a car or a house or just something you can’t afford and work a job you don’t wanna do just to have it. Do whatever it is you really want to do. Because if someone else is doing it.. You can do it.
A lot of people make a path in this world but a lot of people don’t follow the one they feel really pulled to. For whatever reason, they’ve got negative program. When they were a kid they were told to take the sure route or take a shortcut or not to do it.

Whatever it is you want to do… Do it.


Andrew McGee


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