January can be a big time for a lot of people. A lot of times it can be a good month, a bad month, or nothing can change.

If nothing changes, then how can improvements occur? You will not improve unless you take action.

Myself? I began planning my strategy, planning my goals and taking ACTION towards them. I’ve began running more, I’ve began dieting, overall I am taking ACTON to change. I have improvements I want to make in 2016, I’m not perfect. Not by a long shot and ultimately, the only person that can make a change is me. Nobody will help you unless you take hold of your own life first.

So what should you do?

5 things –

Write down goals
Set time aside to work towards them
Take action
Be accountable

If you’re not happy with certain aspects of your life then you must change them.

Be more productive, exercise more, eat better, spend more time with family and friends, dedicate more time to yourself, go after the job you REALLY want.

Carrying out the above rules and principles for this year WILL make you a better person, WILL make you happy and ultimately WILL make you take action.

Plan your goals, chase them and achieve them,

Andrew McGee

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