For many of us – The world has been turned upside down. We’re in lockdown and it’s now beginning to get hard on us. The UK has been in luckdown for around 2 and a half weeks now as I type this.

In the beginning you may have felt fine. It’s only been a few days, you’ve watched a few shows and you’ve caught up with things around the house.

As the days then get that bit longer and you realise the restrictions you have in place… It gets harder.

People are very worried about accepting that the Lockdown period will be hard and feel bad because they shouldn’t be finding it tough etc.

Here’s the thing – It’s okay to accept that it crap. Truly it is. We are all in the same boat. And yes we all want to stay as positive as we can. But the circumstances are – It’s a crap time for everyone.

The only way to get around it is by keeping your days busy. Have activities, have hobbies and have time fillers.

Remember – This won’t last for ever. It will pass, it will end.

And then we will appreciate so much more.