I think deep down – We watch films, we see a happy ending – we see things go to plan and we think that’s how life works.

In reality – rarely is that the case.

The majority of our lives are up and down.

Successes, failures, set backs, stumbling points. It’s all part of the process.

Yes – You’ll reach the destination but the journey probably won’t go the way you set out in your head.

Whether we’re talking about weightloss, getting fit, meeting your other half or your career. It probably won’t all go to the fairytale plan that you see in a Netflix movie.

And that’s okay.

The real thing that happens is.

You learn from the setbacks – You learn to adapt and overcome. You become physically and mentally stronger from the things you have to deal with.

And my favourite word – You become more ‘Battle-Tested’ than before. Your durability increases and you can handle more.

These are all attributes and skills needed in order to reach the destination.

Remember – That destination can be a number of different things for people.

But you probably won’t get there without a few scars.

And that’s okay.

So when you visualise your dreams and your goals and your achievements – Don’t base it off a fairytale.

Realise that, Yes you will get to the destination and achieve your goals. But that you’ll probably have a few bumps, bruises and scars when you reach the finish line.

That’s life.

Don’t try and seek perfection – Seek durability and the ability to keep moving forward regardless of what is thrown in your way.