These are indeed all positive effects that come from making a lifestyle change to lose weight, you become healthier as your body reacts differently to the changes in nutrition that you have exposed it to and even the way it reacts to working out. Your body appearance will start to tighten up in some areas leaving less excess skin and fat deposits over your body, you may tend to become more confident in wearing certain clothes. Reducing health risks is always a massive bonus in life, carrying excess weight can lead to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, liver disease among others. Any way of being able to reduce the risk and give you a better quality of life and longevity is a plus. De-stressing happens because your mindset can also change when your body changes, there is less of a worry of how you look in the eyes of other people, cortisol levels will be reduced through proper eating, blood pressure can drop also due to less weight being carried on the body.


Monitoring what you eat can seem like a task in the beginning but once you get into the flow of it, it really does become second nature. A set of small kitchen scales will become your best friend and a staple item in your weight loss journey. Buying new clothes will be something that you will want to do in order to show the progress of how your body has changed, besides once you are able to get to your desired weight it will be a case of maintaining that so as not to gain it all back again and the clothes you purchased will still fit. Preparing meals may seem slightly regimented although this is only on the case of you being unable to purchase meals with the correct nutritional value you require. In instances you can cook up a few days worth of meals and refrigerate them then take them to your work in tupperware boxes, not only will you be able to stick on your diet but you will also be saving money. Being judged shouldn’t be an issue, everybody is always judging each other and it’s not the right way to be. If someone is judging you for changing your lifestyle and trying to lose weight then they may have a very narrow minded view of life, as long as you are happy in your pursuit and aren’t harming anyone then there Is no need to pay attention to doubters or naysayers. Fighting against cravings can be pretty much all psychological, it can take a while for your mind and body to stop craving things such as sugars but this may just because you have been used to it for so long. Think of it like an addictive substances, I.e Nicotine. Once someone stops smoking they may crave cigarettes for a while but it eventually comes right out of your mind and body and then you will not have to fight those cravings.

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Seeing changes in your body for the better is a fantastic feeling, week by week you can take progress pictures which will show you how you are progressing in your journey. Seeing results like this can motivate you a lot and also gives you another means of tracking rather than just by looking at the scales. Feeling more mobile and less stiff, slow and tired is also a great feeling, your cardiovascular health can improve as it is carrying less unnecessary weight which means everyday tasks like walking up stairs will seem easier. When you are healthier and in better shape it definitely affects your mood and outlook for the better, when getting a good nutritious breakfast in the morning it refuels your body and gives you energy setting you up for the day. You have less chance of getting depressed as you are fighting away toxins and free radicals that would cause such effects. You also feel a good sense of purpose as you have goals that you are striving to achieve and bit by bit you are managing to get closer each day.

Do it, it’s worth it.

Andrew McGee

Smokin’ Guns Fitness