Something that we all have to overcome at points in our life – Is hurdles.

If you never encounter any hardship or hurdles in your life – Then you’re not playing big enough.

That’s my mindset on it.

At the time – the hurdles you are having to encounter seem like the most complex and toughest things imaginable.

You may have applied for a mortgage and fallen short at the last hurdle, you may have been working towards a promotion and somebody else got it – Or didn’t get the grade you needed in order to apply for that job.

The reality is – We all face hurdles.

But the reality also is – Your hurdle is only as big as you make it.

If you’re reading this right now – I can 99.9% gurantee you that you are not facing hurdles as big as some of those people out there really ‘moving the needle’ in the world.

Is your hurdle building up your credit more in order to get accepted for that first home mortgage?

Then I gurantee it’s not as big as the guy that’s trying to colonise Mars as a place for humanity to continue on when the earth burns itself out…. I’m pretty sure he’s encountering some hurdles that would make yours seem extremely minute.

When it comes down to it – Your hurdles are only as big as you make them out to be.

Don’t ever forget that the more hurdles you encounter in life – The stronger you become. I know that sounds cinematic but it’s so true.

Being battle-tested and having to jump many hurdles and deal with difficult circumstances really grows you as a person.

We forget that often.

But our ability to overcome, be resiliant is just the same as it is when we are building muscle.

Stress + adaptation = growth.

And in order for us to grow as humans we must face that stress, pressure and those hurdles head on.

Never forget that the people you look up to and admire had to encounter the same hurdles you did, sometimes even on a grander scale.

How did they manage to succeed? By overcoming them and growing.

Embrace each hurdle and find a way to jump higher through it.