The Human RPM you operate at varies towards how much you actually get done in a day. If you are doing more cardiovascular work than before and more weight training than you previously were then you will operate on a higher daily RPM. This allows you to get more done out with your exercise side of things and also allows you to get more done throughout the day in every other aspect of your life.

This all comes down to productivity & your will to want to get things done. This is why your idols. guys like sports & movie star ‘The Rock’ or people like ‘Michael Jordan’ and all those who seem superior in their field have their life in check also… Well, most of them do. This is because they are more in sync, more motivated and overall as mentioned, operating at a higher level of RPM.

Exercising at a different level also allows you to think differently, it gets out all of the negative thoughts in your head and provides you with that added confidence and creativity boost, overall allowing you to think like a better person. By getting rid of all the antioxidants and free radicals that run around your body it also allows you to stay healthier, ward off colds & stay in a far better place as far as general health goes. You can see the amount of added benefits that this structure has and by carrying it out.

Not only that, but of course one of the grand benefits and one of the reasons that the majority of us workout for is to change the appearance of our physique, to better out physique. When you begin training at a higher RPM and a far harder & intense level your physique can take a dramatic change. This is a change that will be visibly noticeable and help you stand out from the crowd.

Those that are at the top of their game in sports and on the magazines that you may by operate on the heightened level. They are the elite at their game for one reason, they do more…

The more you do, the more you can do.


Andrew McGee

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