When on a weight reducing programme temptation can be at every turn and this can lead a lot of people astray, eventually they deviate from their diets and head in the wrong direction from their goals. For me I’ve always found two things really help when dieting.

Here are two simple ways to help keep you on your diet –

  1. Variation – Variation within a diet is key as far as sticking to it. If you have a variation of tastes for your taste buds then rarely will you begin to crave something else. If you are stuck on a baseline diet with the same bland foods every single day then you are way more likely to deviate and eat up everything that’s on your mind. The other means of variation is to change your diet every so often. For instance, switch rice with potatoes, chicken with turkey breast and such. Even the most subtle changes can help, not only that but the different types of foods may kick start your metabolism into a new gear of fat loss. As long as you are within your macros then changing up food every few weeks shouldn’t be an issue.
  2. Condiments – Condiments can play a big part in keeping your diet new and exciting, there is nothing worse than chewing down the same old dry meal of chicken and rice because you know you “Have” to do it. This is where condiments come into play. I’ve always found that seasoning my food makes a huge difference, certain types of sauce and such can completely change a meal around. No longer is it a bland meal of chicken and rice, now you have a Mexican style dish or even light seasoning changes the taste. It’s small changes like this that can make a big difference and keep your mind from craving other things. Even a baseline diet is tolerable after weeks and weeks with the use of certain seasoning and sauces to give it a nice flavour. Just make sure that when you are adding in condiments that they aren’t full of fat, carbohydrates or unnecessary harmful additives.


Stay strong… Mentally.

Andrew McGee

Smokin’ Guns Fitness

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