Many people often ask what the difference is between going to Sgf gym as opposed to larger health clubs or corporate gyms. 

We can only speak on behalf of Sgf gym but realistically here’s the way we look at it. 

When you join Sgf Gym, we focus on you becoming an all round better person. Health, fitness, finances, education and more. 

Rather than you going to a gym to either just lose weight or get fitter – we want to really help you with the above. 

Conversations arise around things such as WHY you are doing specific exercises or eating certain foods or carrying out specific lifestyle changes. 

I can speak from personal experience when talking to clients, we’ve discussed finances, I’ve helped people remortgage their homes, save on monthly payments or pointed them in the right direction for life insurance. 

You really don’t get that same personal connection and additional help in a chain gym. They focus on a churn rate. In and out. 

We want you to leave the gym each day being a better person both in body and mind. 

This is just a touch on the surface of how we differ from chain gyms. There’s been lifelong friendships made within our gym and by joining we look at having long before we run relationships with each of our clients. 

Progress, results, community has always been our mantra. 

And we want you to experience all of that.