During lockdown it’s given us all plenty of time to reflect and find out the things that really are important and what truly isn’t. 

One of the things that I’ve been looking at is any grudges held. 

Now as humans – we are not perfect. We hold grudges from time to time with people over things that make no sense. 

How many times have you got into the same situation with someone and walk away not speaking with them again? For what? 

Probably nothing important. 

What you have to understand is that the clock is still ticking. Regardless of how or what it was for. That clock is ticking. 

And it’s up to YOU to resolve any grudges you have. 

Be the bigger person and reach out. 

Wherever it’s to friends or family members or work colleagues. Do the right thing. 

Finish reading this and reach out to that person. 

You’ll feel a weight lifted off your mind, you’ll rekindle a relationship worth having and you’ll be able to move on and be a better person overall. 

As cliche as it sounds… just do it.