There have been countless debates of the effects of high intensity interval training or HIIT vs conventional steady-state cardio for dropping body fat.

Which is more effective ?

Is there a way to combine both and make it even more effective ?

Is HIIT Cardio better for your respiratory system ?

There’s a lot of different questions and only a few answers.

HIIT training IS beneficial towards fat loss and from my experience, it has been a great tool in order to drop down in body fat % especially when going bellow sub 10% for those hard to achieve weeks where you feel as though you just cannot lose any more fat.

HIIT is also time effective, it allows you to get a quick, short & effective workout in without it dragging on for hours on end, especially after weight training.

HIIT is VERY demanding on your respiratory system and forces your body to push itself to the limit.

It forces your body to reach another level as far as your cardiovascular system goes and makes you really ‘feel’ as though you’ve had a hard workout.

Not only are you dropping body fat but you are also improving your lung capacity which is something that benefits us all regardless of what your goals are.

Is HIIT the best way for you to burn body fat ?

That is something that is very much a specific factor towards YOUR body, there is no generic right answer.

Steady-state cardio may be better for some and worse for others and vice-versa when it comes to HIIT.

The only way to really find out what works best is by trying them both out for yourself and really finding out what works best for YOU.

The best way ?


Track it, monitor prress, seek guidance… And Progress.


To you, the best,


Andrew McGee

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