I just wanted to share this with you.

Over the years I’ve managed to work non negotiables into my life for my health and fitness.

These are things that regardless of whats going on, how busy I am etc. I’m getting done. No if’s or but’s – It’s getting done.

This has been VITAL in keeping me disciplines.

Do you have this in your life? If not, Why not?

Have a look at mine – And let me know what yours would be… Andrew

1. 1 recovery session per week (banded work, small muscle stabilisation, prehab work) 

2. 4 x 20 minute mobility sessions weekly 

3. 2 x heavy or light weight sessions weekly

4. 1 athletic session weekly 

5. 2 distance runs weekly 

6. 70,000 steps completed weekly 

7. Weigh myself twice weekly 

8. Calculate my cals daily  

9. Steam room or spa once weekly 

10. Am I training towards a goal?