This is something you may have either thought or said many times before.

Cardiovascular exercise can be that long, boring, monotonous hour on the treadmill that feels like a day. It’s something that a lot of us dread to do, and as soon as we get on that moving belt & our vision begins to bob up and down for the duration we are doing all we can to trick ourselves into thinking that time is going faster.

Here’s a couple of games we play –

The Towel Game – This involves placing our towel over the monitor to stop us from watching every single second that goes past on that display.

The Counting Game – This game makes us look away from the screen and count ourselves as we think we will trick the display monitor into going faster or better yet, when we count our 1 minute in our head and look down at the treadmill… only 27 seconds have passed by.

It’s all the things that we do in our mind to get away from actually doing cardio or accepting that we are on a treadmill…

But… There is another way…

Functional training ? Cardio style working out ? Raising repetitions, supersets, dropsets, 30 minute circuits ?

If pushed hard enough, these all help your respiratory system and boost your cardiovascular output… Along with added fat loss.

Things such as a 30 minute circuit can be on the basis of high intensity which will push us beyond what we may have done on the treadmill… AND, it’s far more fun & engaging.

If you’re guilty of being a ‘Cardio Hater’ then do not let it hold you back, once you realise that there are other avenues, why not try including them in your routine ?

If it gets you off then treadmill and back into actually enjoying cardio, you’re sure to be happier & harness better results.

It’s All About Progress !

Andrew McGee

Smokin’ Guns Fitness