Mark - Massive energy drop just now. can't get to the gym until tomorrow night, but gagging
to go. Can't help feeling confident after getting to 16.7 already.

Got to increase my batches, going home to cook is fun now but will become a bind. I want it,
but I need to out think myself and my bad habits.

Andrew - That is very true. You will learn to break your bad habits. We both have tasks to
conquer here and together can achieve them. On a side note, it made me a happy guy seeing 
you with the food and tupperwear. You want it, let's keep it going. 

Mark - Never been so tired, on this diet I have zero energy. Zero.

Andrew - Originally I would have had you on a lot more carbohydrates when dieting but once
you told me you were very carb sensitive and on around 30g I then decided to go very low 
carb for this diet also. Hence maybe a feeling of lethargy, this has only been 2 days into
the diet so your body will be feeling the change before it accepts it as the norm. The 
first week can be the hardest. On the otherhand you are eating more than you have been as 
far as protein and good fats so its not an issue of a major calorie deficit. Remember your
hunger is being replenished every few hours, the fact that you are now really dieting as 
opposed to just watching what you eat is something new for you to adapt to, both body and 
mind. If you are feeling lethargic at times, include some extra coffee into your daily 
routine. Strong black if possible or if you get the chance pick up some Guarana extract 
from H&B, I was going to introduce this later. This dieting can be a son of a bitch, its 
the reason why a lot of people don't want to do it.

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