All types of people get into training for all types of reasons. Some people are looking to lose weight for an upcoming holiday, or some are looking to get big and strong like their idols in magazines, or some are just looking to improve at their specific sport or look after their health. But the truth is, a lot of the time people go about trying to achieve these goals in the totally wrong way.


Short periods of overreaching are an effective training tool which can create a pronounced training effect, but long periods of hammering yourself in the gym without adequate recovery and nutrition is an exercise (pun intended) in futility. A man who trains hard twice per week with intelligent exercise selection and nutrition, would make much more progress towards his goals than another man who trained 10 times per week – due to his ability to perform much better in the gym and his enhanced recovery periods. Train in a manner you can continue for the foreseeable future, and which allows you to incorporate adequate nutrition and rest into a training schedule tailored to help you reach specific goals – Sustainability


Eating patterns can sometimes mirror your attitude towards training. A common training and diet combination found in gyms is to train as much as you possibly can and eat as little as you possibly can in an effort to drop a huge amount of weight in as short as possible. In reality, this kind of pattern lasts a very short period, wields poor results and ends with a huge binge on food due to a huge energy drop and huge increase in cravings – which in turn leads to the trainee becoming disheartened with their progress and then taking another 6 months of from training.

Ain’t nobody ever got in great shape without eating a lot of good food and training intelligently – FACT! And if you think to the contrary, then you and I have a very different definition to what a good physique is.

Let’s take a look at the practices of those out there that are walking around each day with impressive physiques –

The bulk of their diet is made up of good quality, nutritious foods. They also don’t cry and wallow in self-pity when they have one slice of cake. They realise that in order to have a healthy relationship with food, they have to be able to enjoy the foods they like frequently but in moderation – in order to maintain their body composition.
They train regularly. And not just regularly for a few weeks or months, they train regularly for YEARS. They don’t train every single day for a whole month and then take a 6 month break from training just because they went away for the weekend. Their first thought upon learning a date of a funeral isn’t “Oh no, I’m training that day!”
They realise that in order to achieve their physiques, they have to make training a way of life – Sustainability
They realise that rest is important, and that the gym is just there to supplement their lifestyle. When not in the gym, think about other things, have other hobbies and interests. Trust me, obsessing over training and nutrition for months and years on end gets exhausting.

Don’t be one of those who train like maniacs but eats like a sparrow for a month and then whines about their lack of progress before reverting back to a life of booze and laziness. Copy the practices of those you wish to look like, and train and eat in a manner which will fit your lifestyle for the foreseeable future. Sometimes more is less and less is more. Practice Sustainability.

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Train hard and often
Recover well
Get stronger
Eat lots of good food
Look good naked

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