Classic bodybuilding meal – chicken breast, brown rice, broccoli.


  • tastes bland

  • outside protein and carbohydrates, not a very nutritionally dense meal – especially to be having several times a day

  • time-consuming to prepare each day

Solution – slow cooker stew!

Simply throw the following ingredients into a slow cooker together, turn on, go to work or just go about your daily business, come home and voilà – super tasty muscle-building meal with a lot more nutrients than just chicken, rice and broccoli. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to prepare – and you’ve got meals for a few days!


  • 500g or 1 kg of diced meat (depending on how many you are trying to feed or how many meals you want to prepare in advance)

  • 500g chopped carrots

  • 1kg potatoes – roughly chopped (sweet potato okay too)

  • 2 chopped red or white onions (whichever is your favourite) – best frying onions first for a couple of minutes before adding

  • Optional – add any other vegetables or ingredients you have lying around and think would taste nice

  • 1 litre of beef or vegetable stock

  • Season to your liking (salt, pepper, garlic, hot sauce – pretty much anything you want – experiment!)

  • Optional – tin of chopped tomatoes (if you feel like you need more liquid)

Leave on low for 8 hours or on high for 4-5 hours

Vegetarian/vegan alternative – if you don’t eat meat or are looking to cut down on your meat consumption, replace the meat with a couple of tins of kidney beans and a tin of lentils for a big protein hit and also a healthy dose of fibre to go with the veggies.

Give this recipe a try and let me know of any things you’ve done to make your stew your own.


MB x

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