In order to get something you’ve never got you have to do something you’ve never done.

It’s about time we left our comfort zone, about time we got out and taken a hold of the world for what its worth.

The opportunity that you have and are presented with each day is there to be utilised.

There’s no reason to sit back and watch the things you want in life and the things you would love to have be carried out by others and be portrayed on television while you go back to doing the same boring routine you have always been stuck in thinking… What If ?

If you keep “what iffing” then you will be left in a pit of self regret and doubt in your later years. GET OUT THERE AND TAKE CONTROL NOW !!!

Okay, so you may not be on the same level as your inspiration is straight away… Big deal.

You are out there at least actually doing it !

You don’t walk into your ideal body, you don’t get up and begin running full marathons or having the defence ability of a world champion boxer but guess what ?

Those that you admire didn’t have it either from the beginning.

They just had the heart and the courage to go out there and take a chance.

Take a chance and just give it your all. Don’t leave any stone unturned. You will surprise yourself when you really start pushing.

Your “I wonder if I could” truly will turn into “remember that time”.

You WILL surpass what you thought was possible.

But you just need to give yourself a chance…

Give yourself a chance to be great, give yourself a chance to actually make something of yourself.

And above all – Give yourself a chance to be someone greater than you ever imagine.

Stop doubting yourself, stop being afraid and Give Yourself A Chance !

Andrew McGee


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