[cro_accordionitem title=”Are you a ‘niche’ gym?” item=”active” ]

No, we are not a specific gym I.e, bodybuilding, weightlifting, cardiovascular gym.

We are a combination of each type of training and cater for all. Although we have many different champions training in our facilities in a wide diverse range of different sports & disciplines, we are not a certain specific type of gym. We have facilities for general fitness, bodybuilding, cardiovascular conditioning & weight loss.


[cro_accordionitem title=”Do you have any gym classes? Can I attend them without being a member?” item=”” ]

Yes, We have a wide range of classes with over 60 class a month to suit you every day of the week! These are all inclusive with memberships or just £3 to participate in for non members.


[cro_accordionitem title=”Do I have to be very fit or in shape?” item=”” ]

No. We carry the philosophy that everyone has to begin somewhere. Some of our instructors are high level runners & bodybuilders, yet they began at the exact same place as everyone else. We will actively help you attain the level of fitness you require or body shape that you want regardless of where your starting point may be.


[cro_accordionitem title=”I don’t know what I’m doing in a gym, will there be help at hand?” item=”” ]

Yes, upon joining, you will be placed through a full assessment. This will allow us to find out what your goals are and help us be able to formulated a plan for you to get there through nutrition and training. From there, you will be assigned with an instructor who will show you each exercise on your regime and will help perfect your form allowing for a safe & effective exercise to take place. You will also be assigned with a fully qualified nutritionist that will be able to explain the nutritional breakdowns of each food that would be within your diet plan. All our staff are always very helpful and at hand for you to ask any questions you may come across.


[cro_accordionitem title=”How will I stay motivated ?” item=”” ]

We routinely have challenges within the facilities for all levels of fitness to allow for continual progression and a friendly competitive atmosphere from time to time. This will allow you to push yourself on just that little bit more and help you stay motivated. By continual review of your diet plan and training regime and changing it every so often, this will also allow you to see continual progression and ensure you do not plateau. Results are a great self motivator![/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Who do I speak to if I have any queries about my membership?” item=”” ]

All enquiries are dealt with on a personal basis so please feel free to approach a member of staff who will be happy to help you, or point you in the direction of a senior member of staff. You can also submit an enquiry through the website in the contact us section.


[cro_accordionitem title=”Is there a minimum period I have to join Smokin’ Guns Fitness?” item=”” ]

We have two different membership types within the facilities.

12 month contracts & monthly rolling contracts.

More information can be found out on both by enquiring to a member of staff or submitting an enquiry through the website. [/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Does Smokin’ Guns Fitness provide Corporate memberships?” item=”” ]

Yes, we have many corporate clients in the local area, a minimum of six employees are required to qualify for the corporate discount rate, please contact our membership team for our most up to date partners.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”How do I pay for my membership?” item=”” ]All memberships are payable through direct debit.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Do You Provide Wifi ?” item=”” ]Yes, Full Wi-Fi is available for our members within our facilities.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”How Can I Cancel My Membership” item=”” ]

Monthly contract memberships can be cancelled by providing written notice to cancel at any time. Please note this requires a full calendar months notice period to be paid upon cancellation.

12 month contract memberships can only be cancelled by providing 1 calendar months notice after the 12 month commitment end date has been reached.


[cro_accordionitem title=”I’m Injured, Can I Freeze My Membership?” item=”” ]Yes, memberships within a 12 month contract can be frozen for a maximum of up to 3 months. Doing this will also requires written doctors confirmation. Memberships that are frozen within contract will automatically increase the commitment end date to the additional freeze time taken.



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