When it comes to resistance training, remember. The weight you lift means NOTHING. Your own PERSONAL EXERTION is all that matters. Weight is all relative. The key is form, contraction & extension. Focusing on working the muscle rather than moving a weight from A to B. Having good form is all about minimising injury,

The key word there – Minimising. Not eliminating.

Injuries can happen, And to be quite frank… Injuries WILL happen. This isn’t to say you are going to get injured as soon as you begin training… It could be 2 years down the line, 4 years or even 10 !!!

But as long as your form is good, you minimise the risk of doing so.

I’ve had a couple of bad injuries throughout my time training. But in 10 years of training, I’ve only had 1 muscle tear and one tendon rupture.

The tendon rupture was a freak accident (rupture of the distal tendon only occurs in 3 out of every 100,000 people)… If only my luck was the other way around !

And a lower back tear I occurred due to a muscular imbalance.

Yesterday though, I incurred another injury. This time, a lower back issue again. Prior to seeing a physiotherapist in which I am scheduled to meet with very soon, I’m pretty sure it may be a slight misalignment within my lower lumbar.

This was carried out during the barbell squat movement.

Was my form good ? Yes.

Was the weight heavy ? Moderately.

Then what was the issue and cause for the injury ?…

Three words… Probability Of Chance…

This means, for every 1000 workout’s I carry out… At least 1 of them I’m probably going to pick up an injury. Of course, those figures are just generic.

For every 100,000 miles you drive in your car, you are bound to crash or have a bump, it’s the same with training.

The key thing is… Practising good form stops this from being – every 200 workouts, or every 300 workouts.

I haven’t had a back injury for at least 6 years now. To me, that’s good odds, especially with the intensity that I train with.

The key thing to remember is, injuries happen. Minimise them, deal with them and grow from them !


Strength & Honour,


Andrew McGee

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