Monday (Fast Day)

Day 1 of the experiment. No weight training today, calories sitting about 1000kcals. Get all calories in before playing football in the evening as I know I don’t have much appetite when I come back.

Smokin Guns Fitness Fruit1-271x300 My Feast/Fast Experiment – Week One







Tuesday (Feast Day)

First feast day today, and kicked it off with some porridge oats – I never usually eat this early in the morning!

A little look at the kind of fruit and veg I have been including on feast days (see pictures below).

My 500g worth of fruit on Feast Day

Opted for 500g Mediterranean vegetables mixed as a soup

Smokin Guns Fitness Soup1-264x300 My Feast/Fast Experiment – Week One








Wednesday (Fast Day)

Didn’t get hungry until about midday today – had an apple. About 2pm I make myself up a yoghurt and fruit bowl (see photo below). I had a 6-egg omelette before playing 5-asides in the evening.

Greek yoghurt with apple and raisins

Smokin Guns Fitness Apple1-272x300 My Feast/Fast Experiment – Week One








Thursday (Feast Day)

Had quite a bit to eat today, about 3300kcals in all, and training earlier went really well. No hangover from Wednesday’s fast.

Friday (Fast Day)

First meal today at 4.00pm of Greek yoghurt and fruit. Wasn’t intending for first meal to be so late but found I wasn’t particularly hungry today after Thursday’s feast. Strangely looking forward to fast days after eating a lot the day before.

Also, feel much leaner and less bloated on fast days as opposed to feast days, which is to be expected due to decrease in food intake.

Saturday (Feast Day)

Fajitas for dinner! Another great training session today too. I’m enjoying the mental switch between trying to get leaner and trying to get stronger on alternating days.


At a christening today. Kept my eating to protein sources from the buffet, and chicken breast and mashed vegetables in the evening. Zero hunger pangs. About 2000kcals. Weight update to come next week.


MB x

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